Lucie Lambert

Lucie Lambert was born on Québec’s north shore, and spent her childhood between forest and sea. Documentaries that play out at the frontiers of conventional rules and categories hold particular appeal for her. Her three main films, Paysage sous les paupières, Avant le jour and Le père de Gracile, form a trilogy, forging a link between territory and imagination. Each film gives voice to characters whose life is inscribed with the memory of places. The stories exceed the framework of intimacy, reverberating in an overall understanding of human existence.

Le grand châle d’Aamu – 2020 – (The Great Shawl of Aamu)

L’inventaire des biens meubles de Monsieur Lambert – 2016 – (Monsieur Lambert’s Inventory of Personal Property)

Aimer, finir – 2009 – (Worldless Landscape)

Précis du quotidien – 2008 – (Précis of the Everyday)

Le père de Gracile – 2004 – (Gracile’s Father)

Avant le jour – 1999 – (Before Daybreak)

Paysage sous les paupières – 1995 – (Landscape in the Mind’s Eye)

Madame Arthur – 1990

L’attrait infini de quelques secondes fragiles – 1989