Retired Innu schoolteacher and author, Anne-Marie St-Onge André is a thoughtful, intelligent, lively woman, full of humour, yet pondering lives lived. She can’t entirely accept her husband’s death and, through her « simple words », we come to comprehend the depth of her pain, rage and love for him.

All his life, despite his own skills and inner strengths, her husband, Jacques Andre, faced racism and contempt from Whites. Poetic in his sensibility and marked in childhood by the violence perpetrated in Native residential schools, he slowly killed himself by drinking and smoking.

Jade, 22, fragile and strong, spent her childhood in Schefferville near Anne-Marie and her family. Unloved, she had a tough adolescence and often tried to « end it ». Now the mother of a baby boy named Pinashue, she visits Anne-Marie. The women engage in a heartfelt exchange of shared recollections, then recent life experiences.

Their discourse, supported by an intimate narration and set in a lonely, Northern-Québec landscape of enduring beauty, gives voice to quiet, resilient, loving individuals – past, present and future.



Documentary, 51 minutes 17 sec.

A film by Lucie Lambert

With / Anne-Marie Saint-Onge André, Jade McKenzie

Direction, camera, editing / Lucie Lambert

Sound editing / Claude Beaugrand

Narration wrote by / Jean Pierre Girard, Lucie Lambert

Voice over / Lucie Lambert

Pictures of Jacques André in 2004 / Christian M. Fournier                                               

Sound mix / Bernard Gariépy-Strobl

Traduction innu-french / Joséphine Bacon

The Bob Dylan’song Blowin’ in the Wind (© Special Rider Music) is sung by Claude McKenzie