What to do with the objects and personal effects left behind by our loved ones, after their death? This is the question I asked myself following my father’s passing. I searched for the answer by going through his journals, his drawings, his pictures; and by interviewing friends and reading inspirational authors. I never did find the definitive answer to my question but I did what I had to do with his things: I made a film.

I invite you to take a playful stroll with me in my father’s footsteps; the desire to prolong his voice, by adding mine, was the principal motivation behind this short film which blends animation with live filming, and light-heartedness with existential contemplations.



Sommets du cinéma d’animation de Montréal,  novembre 2016

Rendez-vous du Québec cinéma, février 2018


Short film, animation and live footage, 27 minutes, 2016

With the generous participation of / Claudio Pazienza, Carlos Ferrand, Rodney St-Éloi, Monsieur Luigi

Direction, animation, editing / Lucie Lambert

Drawings / Maurice Lambert

Sound editing / Claude Beaugrand

Music / Léa L’Espérance