This film evokes the spirit of a small village on Quebec’s Upper North Shore, as experienced through the eyes of children, and women of different generations. Germaine Kennedy has a vital connection with the forest; Diane courageously affronts life’s difficulties; at 18, Cathy already has the combative lucidity of a survivor. The strength and willpower of these women vibrate as one in the soaring soprano notes of Guylaine, whose voice connects the diverse elements of the film in a celebration of life.

Awards and nominations

Prix Claude-Jutra-O.F.Q.J. at the 14th Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois, Montréal, 1996

Best film, “Culture” category, Hot Docs, Toronto, March, 1996

Nominated for international competition at Visions du réel, the Nyon documentary festival, April, 1996

Finalist, M. Joan Chalmers Documentarian Award for Film and Video, 1995

Texte critique

“This film distinguishes itself from many politically correct sociological studies which resemble each other and which too frequently characterize our documentary cinema. The raw face of reality, which Lucie Lambert reveals, has more to offer, transmitting as it does the drama of real life, with unrelenting honesty. As its’ beautiful and enigmatic title suggests, Landscape in the Mind’s Eye is both an inner and an outer journey of discovery. (…)

Gounod’s “Je veux vivre”, which envelopes the film’s final sequences, reveals the extent to which Lucie Lambert’s delicate and respectful glance is nourished by an insatiable passion for life. And when such passion and curiosity are further enhanced by a refined vision of the art of cinema, the audience is truly rewarded.”  — Gérard Grugeau , 24 Images, No 80

Fiche technique

Documentary, 16 mm, couleur, 63 minutes, 1995

Direction / Lucie Lambert

Production / Sylvain L’Espérance et Lucie Lambert

With / Children of Portneuf-sur-Mer, Guylaine Girard (soprano), Maurice Laforêt (pianist), Diane O’Connor, Germaine Kennedy, Cathy Thibeault

Cinematography / Serge Giguère

Sound / Claude Beaugrand, Pierre Bertrand

Editing / René Roberge

Sound editing / Esther Auger