Le père de Gracile, un film de Lucie Lambert

What does a girl with a curious eye find along the way during her journey northward? Wolves, trees, rocks, men. Throughout Gracile’s quest in search of her father, this documentary fable takes us into the realm of men. Men whose sometimes-tragic fate is linked with the territory they inhabit, by choice or by necessity… as though some inevitability hak thrust them against their will into the motion of the world.

Like the men she meets along the way — all possible fathers for Gracile — the paths she takes sometimes lead to gaping wounds: devastated forests, mine pits, an industrial zone in ruins. The plaintive wind through the trees is audible, while the men remain silent.

All along the way, Gracile is accompanied in her thoughts by her mother and by nature, as well as by an Innu grandmother whose voice fuels her dreams. This dreamlike world coexists with the harsh reality Gracile faces.

At the end of her journey, will the girl, now laden with the secrets of the world, be able to find rest in the arms of her father?


Festivals :

Festival du Nouveau Cinéma – octobre 2004

Cinoche, Baie Comeau – jan 2005

Docupolis, Barcelone, automne 2005

Cinefest Sudbury, automne 2005

St-John’s International Women’s Film Festival, automne 2005


Docu-fiction, 80 minutes, 2004

Director / Lucie Lambert, assistant director / Nadine Beaudet

Script / Lucie Lambert

Cinematography / Serge Giguère

Sound recording / Pierre Bertrand

Editing / René Roberge

Sound editing / Claude Beaugrand

Music / René Lussier

With / Érika Desbiens, Marcel Réhel, Gitane Tremblay, Normand Ouellet, Fernand Fontaine, Douglas André, Grégoire McKenzie, Anne-Marie André