Opitciwan, un film de Louise de Grosbois

About a century later, Louise de Grosbois sets out to relive her grandfather’s journey through the Haute-Mauricie region, territory of the Atikamekw. In 1917, Alphida Crête had taken pictures of the already ravaging effects of the industrial development on this land. Now walking in his footsteps, she discovers the devastation is even  greater : the forest has been razed to the ground and the art of living it inspired, completely shattered.But somehow peoples – their secular traditions and their spirirt – don’t die away so easily : Atikamekw are creating institutions that empower themselves and honor the identity they’re now rediscovering.



Documentary, 49 minutes, 1997

Directed with our friends: Siméon Chachai, Noël Dubé, François-Sylvain Awashish, Monique Awashish et les personnes porteuses de paroles: Basile Denis-Damée, Charles Chachai, Gérard Isheroff, Nérée Chachai, Antoine Awashish, Silena Awashish, Pen Jaco, Simon Awashish, Joséphine Awashish

Research, scénario, direction / Louise de Grosbois –

Picture / Michel Lamothe, Ivan Gekof

Sound recording / Esther Auger, Diane Carrière

Editing / Louise Dugal

Sound editing / Esther Auger

Music / Moseckan

Production / Sylvain L’Espérance