Le temps qu'il fait, un film de Sylvain L'Espérance

Nestor, Lei, Pierrette, Mohamed, Hafida, Marius, Marc, Galina, Genady, Mike and Lala: through their presence, Le temps qu’il fait weaves a mosaic of stories in which dreams and disappointments, hopes and worries intertwine with the life that is before them.  In counterpoint, there are these new landscapes of financial centers, abandoned industrial spaces and wasteland from which we hear the echo of speeches that call to take the train of the new economy. By their simple attachment to a profession which gives them a living, the men and women of the film put up resistance to these slogans. Little by little, a radical rupture is emerging between economic thought and the movement of life. A break that shapes the present time.



– Official competition, Visions du réel, Nyon, Suisse

– Festival international du nouveau cinéma de Montréal


Documentary, 63 minutes, 1997

With / Nestor Baladares, Lei Quïang, Mohamed et Hafida Lardjoum, Marius Minier, Marc Paquette, Mike, Genady et Galina Zimerman, Bruno Vazin, Pierrette Robitaille, Roland Tremblay, Lala Khomutova

Research, production, direction / Sylvain L’Espérance

Cinematography / Jacques Leduc

Sound recording / Diane Carrière, Pierre Bertrand

Editing / René Roberge

Sound editing / Francine Poirier