Une âme nue glisse à l'eau vive, un film de Denis Chabot

This film is a meditation on the parallel universes that exist within a simple glass of water.

A range of recurrent, obsessive images confronts the film’s principal, human, character. One of these is a vegetal-like hybrid emerging from a Frenzy of organic forms, which ultimately submerge this character.

Later, the figure of a swimmer, the character’s feminine double, attempts to reach this apparition.

At the end of the film, a variety of glasses appears, suggesting the renewal of this méditative cycle within each. Furthermore, we discover that we have been witnessing a writer in the throes of creation.

Animation,16 minutes,  2005

Script, direction, animation, coloration, sets/ Denis Chabot

Music / Stéphane Roy

Animation camera / Pierre Landry, Thea Pratt

Editing / Fernand Bélanger

Producer / Sylvain L’Espérance

Main painter / Lili Chartrand

Painters / Martine Cherix, Lucie Bélanger, Manon Fontaine