Having been established in their magnificent abbey at Oka, Quebec, for over 125 years, the Trappist monks now prepare to leave. Before their departure, they have agreed to be filmed in their daily rituals. The camera follows them to the orchard, wine cellar and gardens, through the light and shadows of long hallways, to prayers in the chapel and total silence of monastic cellars. In visually stunning scenes and candid interviews, we discover the story of these farmer-monks, men of science and education. They founded the Oka Agricultural Institute and managed it for over sixty years. It was at the Oka Institute that Quebec’s first generations of agronomists and veterinarians were trained, and some of our leading scientists found their calling at Oka. This is the story of the invaluable yet unsung legacy of contemplative brothers deeply involved in their society.  


Documentary, 52 minutes, 2008

Script and director / Ninon Larochelle

Images / François Laliberté

Sound / Frank Mannino

Editing / Natalie Lamoureux

Production / Pierre Marier