Emerging from the multiple perspective of this film, a memory of a neighbourhood is recreated which tells of the fragility of working class habitats.

Residents and workers from southwest Montreal recount its tragic history: The immigration and settling of the Irish in the 19th century; the expropriation of Griffintown; the destruction of Goose Village; the industrial decline of Pointe-Saint Charles and surroundings.



Documentary, 52 minutes, 1992

With / Maria et Rocco Divirgilio, Yvan Boyle, Paul-Émile Bertrand, Leo Leonard, Nancy King Hughes, Jeanne Choquette, Pat O’Connel, Howard McRae

Research, production and direction / Sylvain L’Espérance

Camera / Claude Ouellet, Marc-André Berthiaume, Sylvain L’Espérance

Sound recording / Justine Pimlott, Marie-France Delagrave

Editing / René Roberge

Sound editing / Francine Poirier

Songs / Nancy King Hughes