Suivre la marée, un film de Thomas Szacka-Marier

In Dakar, Sénégal, a group of thirteen fishermen set out to sea in a large wooden pirogue. Lulled by the constant swell of a sea that is increasingly deplete of fish, they will cast their nets for seven days without ever seeing land. Confined to this nautical space where time seems to have stopped, the fishermen’s hard routine was caught by the filmmaker’s attentive eye. Despite their teasing and deep thoughts on religion, work and politics, we can feel the deep bond that existes between them, a bond that has been woven through the years.



Festival international de films « Pêcheurs du monde » de Lorient, 2014 / Prix du festival – court métrage, prix du jury jeunes – court métrage

Festival Vues d’Afrique, Montréal, 2014

Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois, 2014

Festival du film Résistances, 2017


Documentary, 30 minutes, 2013, wolof and french (French and English subtitles)

Direction and cinematography / Thomas Szacka-Marier

Sound/ Luc Bouchard

Editing / Sophie Farkas Bolla

Music / Klatu

Distribution / La distributrice de films