Casa Loma, journal de bord, un film de Carlos Ferrand

Pol Pelletier, actress and theater director, settles in Casa Loma with a troupe of young actors and actresses who dive with her on a theatrical and mystical quest. The film crew shares their adventure for a year and collects all the upheavals that occur in this anteroom of the boards. Self-transformation and metamorphosis are on the program. The experience goes beyond the theatrical setting and hits the participants and their mentor hard. Utopia and dreams collide with reality. With Casa Loma, Carlos Ferrand’s logbook offers a reflection on the fragility of creation.

Documentary, 89 minutes, 2002

Camera and direction / Carlos Ferrand

Production / Sylvain L’Espérance

Sound recording / Esther Auger, Catherine Van der Donckt

Editing / Ewa Turska

Sound editing / Hugo Brochu